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About Us

Adam's Snack Wagon is a locally owned and operated delivery service that delivers from your favorite local restaurants in Mccurtain County. We are the only company of our kind in McCurtain County with easy online ordering for on-demand food delivery, catering, or event planning! Our goal is to provide high quality customer service with affordable rates to fit any budget. Ordering on Adam's Snack Wagon website has never been easier - just pick your location and browse through menus from all of our partner restaurants. You can also order ahead of time by choosing a date and time slot before placing an order.

Return Policy

By creating an account, you have agreed to our return policy. Due to the nature of our business, all sales are final. We will do our best to ensure excellent customer service and on-time delivery but we cannot be responsible for the restaurant's food quality or preparation quality.

How much does the delivery cost?

The delivery fee for first 3 miles is $7.00 additional miles are $0.75 per mile the driver gets 100% of the delivery fee and tips, Adam’s Snack Wagon charges 23% commission & 5% menu markup.

How do you order?

It is quite easy to place an order with Adam Snack Wagon delivery We will need to gather a few credentials Full Name, Email, Phone Number an Address you would like delivery, After you Enter You’re information you will be able to see the Delivery Fee before You choose a restaurant, After choosing a restaurant you were simply just add things to the cart make sure to put comments on how you would like things As of no mayonnaise or mustard etc. Feel free to call or text if you have any questions or problems 5803060436

Becoming a driver:

Becoming a driver with Adam’s Snack Wagon is a great opportunity for any aspiring individual. You will be considered a 1099 independent contractor. Ride share driver: You will transport people where they need to go, and deliver food orders. What makes this work appealing is the flexible work hours (Work when you want to😀) As much or as little as you like, it’s all up to you on how many orders you would like to take! Adam’s Snack Wagon chooses to pay the driver 100% of the delivery fee plus 100% Tips. There are a few Requirements: such as Banking account that excepts electronic deposits also PayPal/Cash App etc. will work, Smart phone with local data you will need to receive orders, Valid Drivers License, Vehicle Insurance, Reliable Vehicle, Hot and Cold Food Bag, Tamper Proof Togo Bags, Background Check. Adam’s Snack Wagon expects their drivers to Place orders properly and With correct modifications from customer and on time delivery Most deliveries need to be delivered within 35 minutes from start to finish, Adam’s Snack Wagon understands that some restaurants will have a 45 to an hour wait those orders there’s nothing we can do about it you will need to communicate with the customer and let them know. Ride share: It will be expected you as a driver To make the ride as comfortable as possible for the customer always make sure to ask if they would like the AC or heater radio etc. changed.